Employment Application Instructions

Many applicants either have their applications rejected or their scores affected by application errors that may be avoided. The following information is an effort to help you avoid the most common mistakes. Please read these instructions carefully before submitting your employment application. Any misrepresentation in this application and/or attachments WILL cause your application to be rejected, your name to be removed from the eligible register and/or subject you to dismissal.



Picture identification isrequired for entry to all tests.

Please leave cell phones, personal data assistants, beepers and other communication devices in your vehicle during all examinations. Such devices are not allowed in the examination room.


Educational requirements are met only through accredited institutions. The institutions must be accredited by an agency recognized by the United States Department of Education. Foreign degrees must be converted.

In order for education points to be credited, original education, certification and similar documents are required with employment applications. It is best to provide original transcripts in case specific courses are needed. It is also beneficial to bring certificates and diplomas for short courses completed, such as software, leadership courses, etc.

If your college diploma does not specify what your major field of study was, please submit an official transcript. Education points may be awarded, in many cases, only if the specific degree is indicated.

It is best to include all levels of higher education documentation because credit may be given for a specific bachelor’s degree that would not be evident on a master’s diploma.

Even if you did not complete college, it is still beneficial to submit an official transcript of completed courses because partial credit may be awarded.


Work history information is used to determine whether you qualify for the job for which you are applying. For some jobs, this section will also be scored to determine part of or your entire grade. To receive credit, you should fill out all blocks for each job listed.

List all periods of employment, beginning with your present or most recent employer and working back.

Title of position held should be your official title and not a working title or multiple titles.

It is especially important that you fill out the beginning and ending dates (month/year) and the average number of hours worked per week for each job listed. If the hours varied, list a range such as “5-15” hours, or “20-40” hours. If you often worked overtime, “40+” is acceptable in the hour’s box.

If you held different jobs while working for the same employer (e.g. promotions), treat each change as a separate job using separate blocks and giving specific information for each change.

Also, describe in detail the specific duties beginning with your primary duties. Job descriptions should include types of software used, specific equipment operated, languages programmed, customer service specifics and other such details. Preprinted job descriptions are not accepted in place of description of duties on the application form since they do not necessarily reflect your particular position.

Where you have held supervisory positions, titles of people supervised, not just the number of people, should be indicated in the “number and job title of employees you supervised” box.

Check you’re starting and ending dates for feasibility. Look for errors such as employed from 2/6/87-1/4/82 or a date of 14/2/93, or 6/8/19.

Please do not use abbreviations, initials or military jargon when describing your duties or listing your job title.

Include specific details such as software used, equipment operated, types of records maintained, etc.

If you cannot fit all the jobs you have held on this application form, copy any blank job page.

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Grand Ledge Area Fire Department

A division of the Grand Ledge Area Emergency Services Authority

Application for Employment

500 N. Clinton St., Grand Ledge, MI 48837

Phone (517) 627-1157/ Fax (517) 627-0417

Web Address: www.glaesa.com

***Please read employment application instructions before completing this form***

(Inaccurate information here will result in disqualification.)
Nature of Offense
Name & Location of Court
Date of Conviction
Previous Last Name
Last Date(s) of Employment
Date and Reason
Name and Location of Last School Attended(High School, Junior High or Elementary)
Indicate the number of courses completed in each subject:
Related Special Training (Correspondence, Business, Trades, Vocational, Armed Forces Schools, Etc.-provide original doc’s for HR to copy)
From | To
**Must be from a recognized accredited school -Bring original transcriptwith initial application**
From | To
Semester OR Quarter
Semester OR Quarter
RELATED LICENSES (provide current original for HR to copy)
Professional License Issued By
Also include specific software experience in your job descriptions. Ask about PC skills exams and provide originalcertificates of courses completed.








Under penalties of perjury, I declare that my answers to the questions on this application and any necessary examinations andsupplements are true and give the Grand Ledge Area Emergency Services Authoritythe right to investigate all information given andto secure additional appropriate information if necessary. I understand that an investigative report may be made from information obtained through personal interviews with others. I understand that this inquiry may include information as to my personal characteristics, employment verification, credential verification, personal identity verifications, reference checks, criminal records, motor vehicle records, and appropriateness for employment. In accordance with the law and my understanding of this statement, I authorize my current and former employers to give any information regarding my employment, together with all information regarding me, and hereby release from all liability or responsibility all persons, companies, or corporations furnishing such information in good faith. I also authorize the release of my scholastic ratings to the Grand Ledge Area Emergency Services Authorityby schools and other education institutions that I have attended
I understand that the completion of this application does not assure me of a position with the Grand Ledge Area Emergency Services Authorityand does not obligate the Grand Ledge Area Emergency Services Authorityto me in any way. I further understand that any misrepresentation herein WILLcause my application to be rejected, my name to be removed from the eligible register and/or subject me to dismissal. Candidates selected for hire must pass a physical and drug screen prior to employment. I am aware that the results will be made available to the Chief and/or a duly authorized representative. The Grand Ledge Area Emergency Services Authorityis committed to a drug free work place to protect the safety of workers and the public and will comply with the Federal Drug Free Work Place Act.
I understand that this application, exam documents and attachments become a part of the Grand Ledge Area Emergency Services Authorityrecords and will not be returned, reused or copied for me once submitted. I am also aware that my application is subject to the Michiganopen records law and may be released as a public document.
By my signature, I certify, authorize and acknowledge the above statements
Reminder: With your application, bring original transcripts, training certifications, professional licenses & certifications and other documents as indicated in the application instructions. If a certification or license is renewed after submission of this application, please bring in your current document for us to copy. An expired credential may result in you not being considered for a vacancy.