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Information to HELP you thorough Severe and Tornadatic Weather! 

  • Your #firefighters and @NWS remind you to #DUCK from a tornado. #TornadoTips
  • #DUCK: Get down to the lowest level, under something sturdy, cover your head and keep in shelter until the storm has passed. #TornadoTips
  • Always make sure to check your #GasLines for leaks that can cause #HomeFires in combination with a #tornado. #TornadoTips
  • Its really easy for debris to ignite when combined with incorrectly used #generators and #livewires during or after a #tornado. #TornadoTips
  • Your local #firefighters stress the importance of taking precautions before #tornado season and developing a plan of action. #TornadoTips
  • Before a #tornado, make sure to tune into @NOAA weather radio for updates and more information. #TornadoTips
  • Your #firefighters stress the importance of developing and practicing a #tornado drill. #TornadoTips
  • #Firefighters recommend following @RedCross #tornado safety checklist #TornadoTips
  • Remember to create a #DisasterKit that includes batteries, flashlights, food, water and personal documents. #TornadoTips 
  • After a #tornado remember to clean up any gasoline spills and smell/listen for gas leaks. #TornadoTips
  • After a #tornado use flashlights to check for any leaks before turning on the lights to prevent any possible explosions. #TornadoTips
  • If you’ve been evacuated from your home, fire fighters urge you not to return until officials have declared it safe. #TornadoTips
  • It’s always smart to have a professional check for #GasLeaks after a #NaturalDisaster. #TornadoTips

    In Case of Emergency - ICE
    If you have a serious accident or should suddenly fall ill, who should we contact?  With most people carrying cell phones these days, the answer is ICE - In Case of Emergency.  By making a simple entry into your phone book, emergency personnel can quickly and easily contact the people who need to know about your incident.  In the event of an emergency, we will check your cell phone for an ICE entry and make the call.  More importantly, if you can not speak for yourself, someone in your phone book knows your medical condition, what medications you take, and what allergies you may have.  This vital information could save your life.  So if we come to your aid, who should we call?  ICE

    Not sure what to enter?  Try one of these examples:  ICE-wife, ICE-husband, ICE-mom, ICE-dad, ICE-Bill, ICE-Mary, ICE #1, ICE #2, ICE #3, etc.

    Blood Pressure Checks
    What's Your Number?  If you don't know you Should!  By tracking your blood pressure you could identify possible changes to your health that may be life threatening.  Stop by the fire station and we'll check it for you.  We can even provide you with a card to chart any changes.  Stop in to see us.

    Smoke Detectors
    True or False, the most common cause of death in a house fire is severe burns.  False!  The most common cause of death in a house fire is smoke inhalation.  Although only a small portion of your home may burn, most of it will be damaged by toxic smoke.  The single most important safety device you can have is a properly functioning smoke detector.  If you don't have one on each level of your home and one near your bedroom, PLEASE install them. 
    OK, so you checked the batteries, but did you check the date?  The sensor in older smoke detectors occasionally fail.  In addition to checking the batteries we also recommend that you check the date.  It is suggested that you replace your smoke detectors every ten (10) years just in case.

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